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A Steadfast Heart

“My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast. I will sing and make melody!” (Psalm 57:7).

David found himself in many tight spots before he became king. He was anointed by Samuel when he was young, and through a series of unusual circumstances, he grew into a mighty warrior. He was honored in King Saul’s court, and he even married Saul’s daughter. But soon, Saul became jealous of his fame and tried to kill him. David always evaded him, though, and he eventually ran away, disappearing into the wilderness. He soon became the leader of a band of outlaws, and they made their headquarters in a cave.

A fierce warrior, David also had a tender heart, and he frequently poured out his troubles to God through poetry. He wrote much of the book of Psalms, where his honest expressions of grief and joy show his sincere heart for God. He wrote several psalms while hiding from Saul in the cave, including Psalm 57. In it, he names God as his true refuge, expressing his intention to hide under God’s wings “till the storms of destruction pass by” (v. 1). He voices his confidence that God will deliver him, acknowledging God’s greatness. He is afraid, describing himself as being among lions and fiery beasts (v. 4). But still, his heart is steadfast and centered on God. He can continue to praise, because “[God’s} steadfast love is great to the heavens, [His] faithfulness to the clouds” (v. 10).

In the psalm, David doesn’t deny that he’s in trouble. He’s on the run for his life, and he has enemies on every side. He knows this, and he doesn’t try to cover up that fact. Instead, he brings it to God, choosing to focus on Him instead of on his desperate situation. He meditates on what he knows to be true: that God is good, God is great, and God loves him. Though his circumstances have not changed, he can still have peace, because his trust remains in God.

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