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Broken Mirrors Tour Day 4: Of Ice and Roses

Welcome to Day 4 of the Broken Mirrors tour! Today’s spotlight features Of Ice and Roses by Heather M. Elliott.


The shadow of war hangs over Forstur. In a kingdom where magic is seldom encountered, a conflict with their magic-wielding eastern neighbors would be a disastrous. Gemma finds unexpected love in Forstur’s crown prince, Ebenezer, but as her fairytale starts, the rest of her world comes crashing down.

Long held secrets come to light and Gemma learns she has been at the center of the brewing war for almost half her life. A lost friend she barely remembers is the key to gaining vital intelligence that could help her new husband defend their kingdom. There’s a problem – the last sighting of her friend was in the magically-formed glacial regions of their foe, the kingdom of Morforst.

Now Gemma must leave everyone she loves and journey beyond the enemy’s borders to rescue her friend from the spellcasters who control the region. The journey promises to be fraught with danger – highwaymen, river monsters, spellcasters, and the elements. With each new danger, she must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for the fate of two kingdoms.


About the Author

Heather lives in Upstate New York, with an impressive number of books, almost as many story ideas, and, sadly, no pets.

Find her online at: Website || Facebook || Instagram || Goodreads

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