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Cover Reveal--A Bird in the Snow



At long last, over a year since this book breathed its first words, the cover for A Bird in the Snow has arrived. I love it so much, even more than the cover for A Wolf's Rose!

But first, because I am cruel, let's have the blurb for this book:

Can even the worst mistakes be forgiven?

Ean Cochall has lived in the wilderness for two years, providing for the needy by day and assassinating rogues by night. It's all in pursuit of one thing: justice. So when he's approached by a mysterious figure and asked to kill a fae accused of crimes against the Gwyns, he readily accepts.

Murrin has fled to the wilderness to hide from someone who seeks her life. She has the name of a fey who can protect her: Ean Cochall, leader of the outlaw band the Green Company. What she doesn't know is that Ean already knows about her--and he was just hired to kill her.

As dark secrets come to light and old ghosts rise from the dead, will Ean uncover the truth? Or will his own mistakes come back to haunt him, making justice something not even he wants to achieve?

This retelling of Robin Hood and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" releases September 9th! And--even better news--it's available to pre-order very soon! Be on the lookout for a link, then swing by your favorite onto retailer and snag your copy. And hold onto that receipt; there will be some rewards for you coming very shortly!

And now, at last, we come to the feature of today's show. Coming all the way from the imagination of the amazing team at MiblArt, this long-awaited piece of artwork comes today to grace the screen of your computer (or mobile device, or whatever it is you're reading this post on). Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you...

The cover for A Bird in the Snow.

Simply put, it's beautiful. I absolutely adore the colors of the sky; it gives off such a Northern Lights vibe. The whole thing suits the story so well. And Ean and Murrin... EEP! To say I am excited is a serious understatement. I cannot wait to hold this in my hands!

What are your thoughts? What's your favorite part about the cover? Are you excited about ABITS' quickly approaching release? Come and squeal with me in the comments!

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