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Creation’s Glory

“May the glory of the LORD endure forever; may the LORD rejoice in his works” (Psalm 104:31).

Many of the psalms focus on God’s greatness in respect to what He has done in the author’s life. When the psalmist has been delivered from some great hardship, he praises God for it. Psalm 104, however, takes a slightly different approach to extolling God. This is a song praising God for His greatness in creation. All aspects of the world, be it the waters, the animals, or the heavenly bodies, work together to glorify their Creator.

The psalm opens with a description of God establishing the world. He dwells in the heavens, making the earth the foundation of His house. The winds are His messengers, blowing to and fro across the earth. He commanded the waters to cover the earth, and at the right time He caused the mountains to spring up out of the waters. He makes rivers flow in their proper places, enabling them to provide sustenance for the beasts of the field. The birds perch in the tree branches, overlooking the world as they sing for the sheer joy of living.

Not only does God look after the animals; He also provides for humans. We are the pinnacle of His creation, and He has certainly not forgotten us. He has established the seasons and given us everything we need to grow our own food. Man and beast alike profit from the produce of the earth.

Even the more obscure members of creation find their way into the psalm. “The high mountains are for the wild goats,” the psalmist declares; “the rocks are a refuge for the rock badgers” (v. 18). God cares even for the goats and the badgers. The next stanza discusses the lions and how the night is their time to look for prey. When the sun rises, they return to their dens, and at that time people rise and begin their work.

God has paid attention to every little detail in His organization of the world. He cares for the most obscure of creatures, and He is in complete control over their lives and their deaths. Nothing can escape His notice. And what is even more incredible is that He rejoices in His works. Seeing His creation gives Him pleasure (v. 31). We bring joy to God when we’re just going about our daily lives, doing what He created us to do. God’s greatness in His creation is made even more wondrous by the simple fact that He loves what He has made.

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