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Great Treasure

"I rejoice at your word like one who finds great spoil" (Psalm 119:162).

Psalm 119 employs many metaphors for God's Word, comparing it to sweet honey, a lamp in a dark place, a guard against evil. In the second-to-last stanza, the psalm describes God's Word as a priceless treasure. It is something to be desired above all else, something to be sought after and never relinquished. It is beautiful, worth far more than everything else.

This stanza is full of praise for God's commands as the psalmist delights in them. He doesn't keep God's rules from a sense of duty. Instead, he goes far beyond what is required, poring over God's words day and night, reveling in them like a treasure hunter who has found the most exquisite gems. He never grows tired of studying God's teachings, finding in them peace and the meaning for his life.

The more time he spends in God's Word, the more he loves it. He draws hope from God, knowing that He is the great Savior who loves His people. The psalmist knows this because it is what God has revealed through His commands. His devotion to God's teachings has given him unparalleled insight into his Creator.

No matter what happens to him, the psalmist knows that God's Word will remain the steadfast truth it has always been. It will never change. His enemies can taunt him all they like, but they will never sway his certainty in God's commands. He remains obedient not because he feels obligated to but because he knows there is nothing greater. He spends his days meditating on God's law, and because of that, he is devoted to it. He loves it. He rejoices in it.

It's a beautiful picture: a king in his treasure chamber, admiring the riches all around him, in awe at the rainbow of colors reflected from each of the precious jewels he has collected. There is always something new to explore, something as yet undiscovered to admire.

So it is with God's Word.

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