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Review–Promises Unbroken

Today we’re looking at a book in a genre outside of my typical choices: Christian suspense! It’s also historical fiction, which makes me quite happy inside.

Title: Promises Unbroken

Series: The Moretti Trilogy

Author: Kristina Hall

Genre: Suspense/Historical fiction

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Overview: I always love a free book! I found Kristina Hall’s works a few months ago, and the synopsis and the beautiful cover of this book immediately drew me in. I didn’t read the synopsis closely enough, however, and so was pleasantly surprised to learn that this is actually a suspense novel instead of your typical historical romance. Hall has created a poignant story about God’s faithfulness despite our own failings and His sovereignty in the middle of our chaos.

Characters: Mae and Davis were fun protagonists who I enjoyed getting to know. Their relationship was so sweet; I appreciated how they constantly strive to out each other before their own needs. They were both perhaps a bit too perfect, but they were still intriguing characters. Moretti is the most complex character of the bunch. He was a great anti-hero, and I liked his arc throughout the story. I’m interested to see what happens to him in the future. My favorite character was definitely Scranton! We all need a good gun-slinging preacher in our lives.

Content: Squeaky clean romance-wise. There are a couple of undescribed kisses. There are a couple of mentions of people who were unfaithful in marriage (portrayed as wrong). There’s lots of shooting and fighting in the story. People are bloodied and/or killed. Nothing’s graphic, though, and it all serves to add to the excitement of the action. One character is an alcoholic. Many characters drink regularly throughout the story; it’s treated as unwise.

Writing: Hall’s action sequences are fantastic! She does an amazing job of drawing the reader into the scene. Many times, I could practically feel the punches and the world rocking. The story was rather preachy at times. The redemption arc of a certain character happened a little too quickly to really feel realistic. But Hall definitely shares the important lesson about Christ’s never-ending faithfulness in a clear fashion.

Summary: This was an enjoyable, light read, an excellent way to spend a few free afternoons. I enjoyed getting to know these characters, and their stories definitely kept me interested. I would recommend this to fans of historic fiction aged 12+.

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