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Review--World of Silence

Title: World of Silence

Author: Kaytlin Phillips

Genre: MG Fantasy

Rating: 4 stars

Overview: What a cute story! I am automatically pleased with any story that has dragons, and the concept of a deaf archer setting out on an adventure with a dragon was most intriguing. In this debut novel, Kaytlin Phillips weaves a sweet story of fnding your purpose and realizing that everyone has worth.

Characters: Fledge is such a sweetheart! So many times, I just wanted to bury him in a tight hug (even though he would absolutely hate that). He struggles so much with self-worth, and his journey through it is a delight to read.

Content: There’s no romance or bad language in the book. There is some violence, though, that might be a bit much for more sensitive readers. There are several battles, and characters are badly injured (some of the injuries are described, with mentions of blood and agonizing pain). A character is cruelly beaten several times. A character is branded, with descriptions of the pain and the smell of the burning flesh.

Writing: Phillips’ writing style is engaging, inviting us into Fledge’s world and keeping us interested until the last page. While it’s certainly not the most polished of works, it still holds a fascinating story, and I’m excited to read more from the author as she perfects her craft.

Summary: This is a short, sweet adventure that leaves you with a warm, cozy feeling at the end. It’s certainly a debut to be proud of! I would recommend it to fantasy fans aged 12+.

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