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Unless the LORD Builds

            “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1a)

We all have plans for our lives. We enjoy thinking about the future, imagining where we’ll be living, what we’ll be doing, what our family will look like. We lay careful plans, sometimes even plotting things in detail. We find security in the knowledge that we know what the next few weeks, months, or even years will bring. But something we often fail to consider is what God wants. All our beautifully-crafted schemes will matter nothing if they have not been given to us by the Lord Himself.

Solomon expressed this well in Psalm 127. If God wasn’t the One building the house, he claimed, it would never amount to anything. The laborers would work for nothing. He went on to state that unless God was the One watching the city, the watchmen would also fail. Human efforts matter little in the grand scheme of things. It is God alone Who can accomplish things, God alone Who knows the future and will bring His plans to pass. We may have everything set down the way we would like them to go, but unless God is the driving force behind these plans, they never succeed.

It’s frightening to consider that we have no control over our lives. But at the same time, we can have peace in the knowledge that we can speak directly with the One Who is in control. He invites us to build the house with Him, to follow His blueprints for it. We can try doing it on our own, but as Solomon highlighted, it will end in failure. We must make sure that whatever we do, we first take the time to speak with God about it. He has a say on everything we do, whether we want to hear Him or not. His plans are good, constructed for our benefit. No matter how wonderful our own schemes may seem, they pale into comparison to what He wants to create. If we want our labor to be fruitful, we must let God build the house.

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