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When God Fights

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“‘The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.’” (Exodus 14:14)

After Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt, God led them through the wilderness, eventually coming to the Red Sea. So far, they hadn’t experienced any major problems. But as they camped by the sea, they saw a horrible sight behind them. After letting the Israelites go free after the ten plagues devastated Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind. He wasn’t about to let his over-one million slaves go that easily. So he set out after them, determined to recapture them and bring them back to Egypt. By the time the Israelites reached the Red Sea, Pharaoh was close behind them. It seemed there was no way to cross, and the people began to panic. They accused Moses of bringing them out into the wilderness just so they could die there. But Moses simply replied that God would fight for them. All they would have to do was be silent.

That very night, God parted the waters of the Red Sea. The Israelites crossed in safety, but when Pharaoh and his army tried to follow them, the waters came back together, drowning all of them. The Israelites were officially free.

It’s interesting to see that the Israelites literally did nothing during this miraculous occurrence. They didn’t have anything to do with the waters parting, or with Pharaoh’s drowning. It was all God. Everything that happened was a result of God’s power.

So often, we get it into our heads that we’re supposed to do everything for God, that this life is all about the great things we can do in His service. But in reality, it’s not about us at all. It’s all about God and what He can do through us. When the Israelites were silent and simply did what God told them, He did a great thing. He got the glory, because it was clearly His work. Our goal shouldn’t be what we can do for God; rather, we should focus all our attention on making sure He gets the recognition and glory. Our job isn’t to fight; it’s to just be silent and let God fight for us.

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