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Review--Voices of the Future

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from one of the authors in exchange for a review. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

This was a sweet collection of stories, ranging from world-ending catastrophes in the North Pole to learning to embrace change in the snows of Canada. Each author is talented and brings something special to the collection, making this an anthology that has something for everyone. I’d recommend it to readers aged 12+.


This was a unique story with some unexpected twists. I loved the blend of a contemporary setting with mythical creatures, and the theme of considering others more important than yourself was well written. 4/5 stars.


This was one of my favorites in the collection! The setting is cool, and the plot went in so many unexpected directions that kept me interested the whole way through. I loved the exploration of how chasing dreams might not end up as we’d hoped. 5/5 stars.

MIRACLES by Cameron Skocilic

When I think back on the anthology, this is the story that keeps coming to mind first. I mean, come on, it’s about two kids going to the North Pole to save Santa. It takes all the clichés and runs with them, creating a story that’s actually not cliché at all. It’s easily my favorite out of them all! 5/5 stars.

IN OUR BLOOD by Elena B. Sato

I love sibling stories, and this was a great one! Elisa is a good heroine who grows well even over the short course of this story. I wanted more details on the fairies and Elisa’s magic locket, but it’s still a sweet story. 3/5 stars.

A DEATHBED WISH by Alyssa Guthrie

What would you do if you had one last chance to make things right with a loved one? This historical fantasy story explores that question, weaving a tale that almost made me a little teary. 4/5 stars.

CHICHI NO CHIKAI by Kasumi Sonoda

This was a fun story set in historical Japan. I loved the father-daughter dynamic, and Ihara was a delightful POV character. I’d love a novel about him in his younger days. I was a bit confused about the time period of the story, as the language was quite modern, but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of it. 4/5 stars.


Why is this the first story I’ve read about these courageous biblical figures? The daughters of Zelophedad are commemorated in Scripture for their boldness, and this story does an excellent job of presenting their struggles as they worked to keep their father’s name alive. Can we get a full-length novel, please? 5/5 stars.

THE SISTER KNOT by Alabama Rose

This one was probably my least favorite of the collection. The dynamic between Taylor and Jasmine was kind of annoying, and Jasmine’s behavior did seem a bit uncalled-for. But the resolution is sweet, and the message of learning to embrace change is much-needed. 3/5 stars.

IF YE’D ONLY SAY by Kellyn Roth

Kellyn’s been one of my favorite authors for years, so of course I was excited to read her contribution to the anthology. Bob and Ena are adorable, and it was so fun to see their relationship in this story! I also loved the references to classic literature. 5/5 stars.


The Author Conservatory is a college-alternative program for young writers, teaching them not only the principles of storytelling but also the business side that comes with it, allowing these up-and-coming authors to truly thrive in their creativity. All the proceeds from Voices of the Future go towards sending Author Conservatory students to writing conferences where they can meet industry professionals and pitch their ideas. You can buy your copy here!

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Kellyn Roth
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